The Legend of Pecos Jake

We return to Aces & Eights with our heroes settling into Lazarus and finding their place — while news spreads of their return to the Cauldron and rumors grow of possible trouble with the Apaches of the Mesa Verde.

This Actual Play report features Pecos Jake, Antoine Beaujoureaux, and Sly Murray.


A key part of character advancement in Aces & Eights is awarding Build Points for personal goals. The way it’s supposed to work is that at the beginning of the game session a player announces the character’s personal goal for that session. If the character achieves it, he or she gains BP. But for all the times we’ve played Aces & Eights over the past five years, we’ve never really gotten that process to work. I think our approach to play is too loose and free-form, so characters’ goals evolve in play and the preplanned things they announced often fall by the wayside. This means they’ve gotten hardly any BP.

So for a house rule, I’m removing the award of BP for short-term personal goals. Instead, each character will get a BP award at the end of each game session according to how much he or she accomplished that session.

  • Didn’t accomplish much: 1 BP
  • Accomplished an average amount: 2 BP
  • Accomplished a great deal: 3 BP

What does “accomplished” mean in the context of the game? Well, it basically means whatever the character set his or her mind to doing in play. Most sessions are going to be worth 2 BP. Usually the players will agree that a game session ought to be worth less (for not much getting done) or more (for major things being achieved).


  • A session where a character runs around attempting many things but doesn’t get anything done in depth is worth only 1 BP.
  • A session that’s mostly gunfighting with little accomplished outside of that is worth 1 BP.
  • A session where a character sets his or her mind to important things, works diligently toward them, and achieves them or progresses significantly is worth 3 BP.
  • A session where long-percolating efforts come to fruition is worth 3 BP.

This house rule affects only short-term personal goals. Build Points are awarded as usual for defining and achieving professional goals.

Eyes Like Burning Coals

In the latest Actual Play report, the boys come to blows again with the One Spur Gang and disaster threatens the heart of Lazarus.

Brom States His Case

The new Actual Play report is online: Judge Swain hears the case against Brom “Blade” Ferguson and the attack on “Brad Dexter,” while Antoine and Vasquez ponder the justice of God.

Vasquez Pays Out

Jake gets bloody, Elise gets an invitation, Sly gets a new suit and everybody gets rich. The newest Actual Play report is online.

The Rancher’s Revenge

The latest Actual Play report is now online.

The Rancher’s Revenge
The gang escorts badly wounded prisoners back to Lazarus; Antoine and Sly go for a ride; Pecos Jake gets fired and has to fire. (Posted November 21, 2011.)

Elise Moss

Pretty and polite, Elise came west with her younger brother Horace (“Ace” to his friends) looking to find their fortune. Elise typically wears a plain dress but has a fancy one with nice gloves, dress shoes and some modest jewelry for special occasions. Elise can’t stand dogs. I mean she just hates the dirty things.

Family: See the notes for Horace “Ace” Moss

Famous Deeds and Misdeeds: None.

Vitals: Age 20, 5’6″, 135 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes.

Abilities: Str 9/03, Int 13/04, Wis 14/09, Dex 11/24, Con 12/42, Lks 14/28, Cha 10/68.

Other Statistics: Hit Points  ??, Speed 7, Accuracy –1, Reputation 14, Reputation Points 14, Fame 3.

Skills: Accounting 79%, Appraisal (Minerals) 44%, Calligraphy/Signmaking 65%, Cooking 32%, Engineering Design 85% (+10% bonus for Mathematics), Idle Gossip 68%, Language (Spanish) 83%, Mathematics 60%, Nursing 59%, Reading Comprehension 69%, Resist Persuasion 49%, Riding 54%, Seamstress/Tailor 67%, Seduction 75%, Social Etiquette 86%, Swimming 85%.

Talents: Guardian Angel.

Quirks and Flaws: Animal Phobia (Dogs), Deathwish (biological—nobody knows about this yet!).

Past Injuries: None.

Foes Killed: None.

Weapons: Griswold & Gunnison revolver (unfamiliar weapon).

Springfield Trapdoor rifle (unfamiliar weapon).